Star Inverters in Chennai

Star Inverter is one of the leading inverter Chennai dealers providing top models and brands of inverters to customers. We are the recognized dealer and supplier selling high quality and efficient inverters for residential and commercial purposes. We create a friendly environment for our clients and help them install the right choice of inverters according to their specific needs.

The need for inverters in Chennai has increased in every house and commercial complex to get uninterrupted power supply. Chennai, the busy and rapidly growing city in India, is the major business center. Added to, the increasing population with tremendous growth in every sector has now emphasized the need for having a continuous power supply to feed electronic equipments, household appliances and other machineries, without getting their regular works disturbed. Understanding the demands for various types of inverter in Chennai, top brands have started manufacturing inverters for both commercial and residential purposes with different features.

Inverters Chennai is very efficient in operation to convert direct power to alternating power. Based on individuals specific electricity need, the type of inverter can be chosen. While comparing to generators which are now being replaced by inverters, the inverters need only minimum power to get charged and keep in standby condition or functioning. There is no noise, wear and tear, and they are highly efficient. Inverters can deliver power instantly for loading all electric fixtures when needed. Inverters are environmentally friendly and cost effective.

The inverters are basically categorized into two major types and they include Modified Sine Wave inverter and Pure or True Sine Waver Inverters. An other common type of inverter used is, Solar Inverter. Modified inverter obtains power from 12volts battery. This inverter must be recharged using solar panel or generator. It can be efficiently used for appliances such as, light bulbs, microwave oven and other home appliances. This is the best choices of affordable home inverter Chennai.

We provide a complete range of power products which includes,

All top brands of invertersPure Sine invertersInverter Chargers
Modified Sine invertersDC to AC power invertersInverter cables
Batteries and fuse kitsLow frequency power invertersSolar inverters


  • Luminous Inverters
  • Microtek Inverters
  • Sukam Inverters
  • Kevin Inverters
  • APC Inverters
  • Crompton Inverters
  • Usha Inverters
  • Whirlpool Inverters
  • Xenon Inverters
  • Novo Inverters

  • UPS
  • Sukam UPS
  • Microtek UPS
  • Numeric UPS

  • SF Sonic Batteries
  • Exide Batteries
  • Hi-Power Batteries
  • Amron Batteries
  • Okaya Batteries
  • Prestolite Batteries
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