Home Inverter Shows Power Backup Time

Luminous is one of the leading and branded inverter manufacturers in the market. They are involved to deliver different kinds of inverters with different features. Zelio is the latest unique home inverter that displays power backup time in hours and minutes. This added feature will allow the user to manage their electronic appliances without any hassle. With the assistance of power backup time you can use your appliances during the period of power outage. Its design is really awesome when it is compared with other models. As a pure sine wave home inverter, it will allow the users to use sensitive home appliances. In Chennai, Zelio inverter is introduced by one of the reputed dealer Star Inverters. And they are also proud to share that they have completed the installation in the place of Chennai. Star inverters also providing maintenance support to their customers after installation.

Features of Zelio Home Inverter

  • User interface of this model is spontaneous and it is having multiple advanced features.
  • It can be used as a power backup for all kind of domestic appliances equipped with different features.
  • This inverter includes DSP core which capitulates high performance.
  • Learning software is embedded in the Zelio Home inverter which adapts different types of batteries and their present discharge status to know the remaining backup time.
  • Pure sine wave home inverter
  • Made with copper transformers
  • Inbuilt MCB
  • LCD display
  • Provides power supply to all kind of sensitive electronic appliances
  • More features and safety

With the use of advanced technological inventions, people can utilize more benefits. Through this Zelio

Home inverter people can plan their work and usage of the electronic appliances during power cut.


batteries and their present discharge status to know the remaining backup time.

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