Microtek Inverters in Chennai

Microtek inverters are the largest power products manufacturer in India, specializing in uninterrupted power backup solutions. Africa is successful testing ground for our range of high performing inverters. The ranges of inverter from Microtek have served millions of customers across the world. Chennai inverters offer attractive deals on Microtek inverters. Microtek inverters serve as the best back-up power solution. Microtek is an innovative product that assures pivotal power supply. It comes in wide ranges with various capacities such as, 600VA, 800VAa, 1400VA, 3kVA, 5.5kVA, 8kVA and 10kVA. The Sinwave Microtek inverters in Chennai come with vacations mode switch and feature 3 stage charging, deep overcharge or discharge protection, modified PWM and short circuit protection on the mains mode. Waveform is most important factor to consider when choosing an inverter. Pure sine wave power units supply constant power to power appliances in your home or office. The Microtek inverter range comes with pure sine wave output.


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