Usha Inverters in Chennai

USHA inverters are the excellent choice for home applications. USHA inverters are employed with double conversion technology that rectifies and converts incoming mains into suitable DC for charging the batteries. These inverters can convert DC back into AC at a precise frequency and voltage. Star inverters are leading of supplier of USHA inverters in Chennai. Usha inverters are powered high-end materials. The Reverse Battery Polarity Protection will safeguard your home power units from overload, faulty connections and short circuit. The micro controller based design will ensure reliability and high performance. It reduces your electricity bill and maximizes the battery life. Usha range of inverters is designed to deliver pure sine wave output on consistent basis. The pulse charger technology will offer constant current/voltage and reduce battery consumption up to 50 percentages. USHA inverters are available in 500VA, 600VA, 800VA and 1400VA. You can choose best type of inverters based on your domestic and industrial usage.


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